Fascinated by the enchanting movements and the mysterious music of the Orient, Violeta fell in love with the oriental dance at first sight.

She studied the basics of the art with Evelina Papazova and her assistant at that time – Boyana Petrova for about 2 years. Next, Violeta travelled all over Europe in order to perfect her dance technique and expand her knowledge in the history and the origin of the oriental dance. During these trips she takes classes with some of the world’s leading oriental dance artist – Khaled Mahmoud, Mohamed Shahin, Tito Seif, Gamal Seif, Randa Kamel, Mohamed Kazafy, Yousry Sharif, Wael Manosur (Egypt), Mercedes Nieto (Hungary), Jillina (USA), Prince Kayammer (Greece), Leila (Serbia) and many others.

Violeta studies different styles of oriental dance: classical Egyptian style and modern interpretations; raqs baladi, raqs shaabi, Arabic rythms, tabla solo, Egyptian folklore styles – Sa’idi, Haggallah, Nubian, Ghawazee, Bambouti, Muwashahat, Siwa, Fellahin; folklore styles of other parts of the Middle East – Khaleejy (The Gulf), Dabke (Levantine), Iraqi dance.

Apart from the oriental dance festivals, Violeta attends other events to further expand her knowledge of different regions and dances in Egypt. Some of them are Mahmoud Reda Dance Legacy course lead by Nesma, Journey through Egypt parts 1 and 2, SHRQ – Symposium of Middle Eastern Culture.

In the recent years Violeta performs at various bellydance events in Bulgaria and abroad and also has her own dance shows at the most renowned Arabic- themed clubs and restaurants in Sofia. She is the second winner of the Orient El Hob festival 2014 and she was a guest in several TV shows.

You can see more of Violeta’s videos in our Video Gallery.

Violeta teaches regular group and private belly dance classes in Sofia. In 2014 she found her oriental dance school Badriya and Violeta Dance Company – a troupe for her advanced students. As a teacher her main purpose is to introduce the richness and beauty of the oriental dance and help her students express themselves through dance.

Violeta constantly improves and develops her skills. Inspired by the Golden Era and Egyptian folklore dances her unique dance style artfully blends the soul and the flavor of Egypt with her deep and emotional character.