Oriental Dance School

Dance Classes in THE DANCE , 2012

Badriya Oriental Dance School is a place where you can have fun but also built up your confidence, improve your physical condition and learn about the exotic world of the Arab dance and culture.

Violeta found her school in 2014 based on her experience as a teacher and active participant in the development of the oriental dance in Bulgaria. The main objectives of the school are an authentic representation of the oriental dance and appreciation and respect for its roots; consistent training and constant improvement and development of student’s dance skills.

Our classes are suitable for you if:

  • You want to engage in some physical activity and be in shape, but also to have fun
  • You are interested in the technique of the oriental dance as well as its history, various styles, the prominent singers, composers, musicians and dancers and their contribution to the oriental music and dance.
  • You want to improve your self-esteem and to reconnect with your feminine side.
  • You are looking for an interesting and exciting way to have a break
  • You are just curious about the oriental dance 🙂

The dance training is organised in different forms:

All regular students are encouraged to take part in the annual show of the school. And intermediate and advanced students are given the opportunity to join Violeta Dance Company.

If you’d like to see more of our videos please visit the our YouTube Channel.

Why Badriya?

Badriya derives from the Arabic word “moon” and means “resembling the full moon”. The moon symbolises the femininity, the soul, our feelings and emotions. It is also associated with the dreams and imagination and in the Middle East the full moon is symbol of the beauty of the woman. We chose the name because the oriental dance helps us to express our emotions and dreams as well as the beauty and charisma natural for every woman. When we dance we open our hearts to a new fairy world.