Group Classes

Oriental Dance Class at THE DANCE, 2012

Group classes are held regularly twice or three times a week. They are organised at different levels according to the experience of the students. Please see our SCHEDULE for more information.

Beginners Level Classes І

If you have no or little experience in oriental dance these classes suit you best. In this level we focus on the right posture of the body and learning and understanding the basic movements and steps in the oriental dance. We will also create some dance combinations adequate to the group progress.

Beginners Level Classes ІІ

This level is for you if you have some previous experience with the dance or have passed the previous level. – We will learn some new moves and focus on basic coordination between the body parts and transitions between movements.

Intermediate Level Classes

These classes are suitable for you if you have at least one year of regular practice in oriental dance. We will continue to improve your technique and learn new movements with increasing difficulty. We develop better coordination in dance on spot and in space. We put an accent on the dynamics and expressiveness of our dance. You will be introduced to some of the Arabic rhythms and some of the styles in oriental dance and Egyptian folklore. You will learn how to dance with accessories such as veil and Saidi stick and choreography suitable for your level.

Advanced/Violeta Dance Company

In order to enter this class you should have trained regularly for at east 2 years. In this level you will learn new and exciting choreographies in different styles, continue the improvement of the technique and receive some guidelines for improvisation.