Уроци по ориенталски танци

Oriental dance classes and belly dance show

When I started dancing I found a whole new world – a world of music, beauty and harmony. My love for the oriental dance inspired me to dive with all my heart into the mystical depths of this art. It carried me to the finest corners of my soul and showed me the magic of communicating through dance. I am happy I can share with you this exciting adventure.

Individualni uroci po beli dens - Violeta Valcheva

Private belly dance classes are a solution for you if you need additional practice outside of regular group classes, want guidance and assistance with your choreography, or want to develop professionally.

shkola po orientalski tanci badriya - violeta valcheva - veil dance

The group classes are organised at different levels, from beginners to professionals, and take place in a studio with an inspiring oriental interior.

Check out the schedule and choose the class for you!

Surprise the guests at your event with a professional belly dance show! Invite us to your party and become a part of a unique dance experience!


Violeta is very interested in both – the dance itself and its history. I advise all oriental dancers-to-be to visit her classes, because apart from movements and technique, they will also learn a lot of useful information about how the dance has been formed, what the styles are and everything you need to know if you really want to be a professional and get serious in the matter. I visited dozens of classes in Badriya, there was not one in which I could feel that the training was superficial. She definitely teaches her classes with love and desire, which is an extremely important thing to be a successful teacher.
Orientalskite tanci mi pomognaha da stana graciozna i jenstvena - blog - Violeta Valcheva


Awesome teacher! Inspiring artist! Beautiful person! The right place to learn loving self – body and soul!
veneta dimitrova - otziv - shkola po orientalski tanci

Veneta Dimitrova

Violeta is strict, but very careful. She has individual approach to everyone in the group. She always succeeds in challenging me and making the most of my abilities. I am really happy that I have a wonderful person, a dancer and a teacher from who I constantly learn and to whose support, honesty and love I can always count on!

Tancut kato sredstvo za izrazqvane, obshtuvane i tvorchesko razvitie - blog - Violeta Valcheva

Viktoriya Sirakova

Experiences, professionalism and a truly in-depth knowledge of both Oriental dances and Arab culture. If you want to build good technique and develop the senses for this dance, that’s your place. You will get support, understanding and a great teacher in the face of Violeta. And you’ll meet a lot of enthusiasts like you, which brings a great mood to the rehearsals. 🙂
desislava peeva-otziv-shkola po orientalski tanci

Dessislava Peeva

As time goes by, dancing classes become more and more engaging. The information I get about the different styles, the Arabic music and the rhythms, the ways of their interpretation – this reveals to me the richness of the oriental dance and makes it more and more interesting and full of new challenges.
Orientaslkite tanci me motiviraha da se pogrija za sebe si - blog - Violeta Valcheva

Iglika Pantaleeva

I guess everyone is looking for their place where they can escape from everyday life and the world around them, where they feel happy and in complete harmony. Indeed, I found this place in the school. There I met some of my best friends …

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Alexandra Kirilova

A wonderful school with a wonderful teacher – Violeta Valcheva. I enjoy her classes a lot and I recommend them! Thank you, Vili! Wish you many successes and crowded classes in the studio!
maria kirilova-otziv-shkola po orientalski tanci

Maria Kirilova

What is Badriya for me? – school and family in one. My creative island. Challenge, perseverance, tears and love in one. And, of course, the sweet satisfaction that after hard work everything is wonderful. Will I ever stop – I do not think so …
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Maria Mihaylova

Wonderful place and wonderful people. Time flies so fast at rehearsals!

Terry Georgieva